Sunday, April 29, 2018

About Us


Rajlaxmi Consultancy is a company which deal with many sector for example Software and Web development,Branding and promotion,Finance services and Real estate . We outsource Girfa IT Services for our Web Development services.


Raj Laxmi Consultancy is concern about True certainty of success comes from working with a partner you trust to provide the insight, support and expertise that will propel your business forward. Experiencing certainty with means you can count on results, partnership and leadership.


Raj Laxmi Consultancy is committed to helping its clients to reach their goals, to providing an innovative environment, and to making a difference from the others. Our strong sense of credentials with client projects means that we are constantly serve to provide solutions, even for issues they aren’t yet aware of. We adopt a advanced approach to technology and marketing techniques.

Branding & Promotion

Branding & Promotion

Advertisement is key part of any brand success .without Advertisement a good quality
product may not get expected success as it deserves. So advertisement is mandatory in present
 scenario. Branding & Promotion is furthermost important part of advertisement. We live in digital word
 where all the things get place on internet. Social media is most significant service of internet. All the
people who used internet, they used social media .So best marketing strategy stay on social media.
We focus to promote your business on various social media platform with other medium which help
us to spread our client’s services with huge number of people in very small time span.
Our branding and promotion services give guarantee to famous client service on internet to get more traffic.

Social Media Branding & Promotion. Change is the rule of nature; Aspect of business and people interest always get change. Social media is a revolution in the word of advertisement because all the peoples of today have their social account for Facebook,Twitter,whatsup,Youtube etc. You can get touch with huge numbers of peoples instantly using social network. We help your business brand to reach large number of audients. We can promote any business, Organization or individual and make a position of them on internet. We virtually make you a brand on internet. people with get touch with you and your services.Our team member first analyze client profile then graphics designer, Photographer take action and create a magnificent look makes you adorable.

Audio/Video Promotion. Audio, Video is traditional and reliable approach for branding & promotion. We make customize audio and videos for the branding. Some of glimpse of our work a follows.
Phone Peomotion. Rajlaxmi Consultancy Services offers branding and promotion service which is your business partner. So work hard to get more audience for promotion. Social media is not platform where you can interact with your audience; Phone is another reliable medium for promotion. We cover all aspect of phone branding and promotion. We offer following services ..
  • SMS
  • Recorded Phone call
  • Whatsup Messaging
Success of any champion is based on data. Data is key part of any type of branding,promotion and interaction.We have man power for data collection, we conduct various type for survey to know the folk interest .This data help to make strategy of fruitful promotion.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Mutual Fund adviser


Q : Mutual fund is good but why do we need an adviser?

An adviser is expert of market. He/she known better that us where to invest, what to buy because one can become an adviser with a huge experience of market ups and down. So everyone must consult an adviser before invest in mutual fund.